Vaginal vault prolapse

Although vaginal vault prolapse is one of the pelvic organ prolapses common to women, we understand that the condition can be extremely stressful. OB/GYNs at Las Palmas will put you at ease with quick and effective procedures that can fix the condition.

Childbirth and previous vaginal surgeries, particularly hysterectomy, increase the risks of developing vaginal vault prolapse. The disorder occurs when the upper section of the vagina (vault) loses its natural shape due to failure in surrounding supportive tissues, muscles, and ligaments. This results in the vaginal vault slipping down into the vaginal canal or protruding out of the vagina.

The most common symptoms related to this prolapse are:

  • Sensation of heaviness of excessive weight in the pelvic area
  • Increasing painful backaches
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • A soft but aching bulge in vagina that makes standing or walking cumbersome

Las Palmas Diagnostic & Treatment

There are several treatment options for vaginal vault prolapse; however, they are only effective when a proper diagnosis and patient evaluation is performed. Everyone’s body is different and so are their lifestyles and future expectations. At Las Palmas, we will ask several questions and perform extensive diagnostic examinations to assess what will be the best treatment options for your situation. Because vaginal vault prolapse shows that the pelvic muscles and connective tissues are weakening, we simultaneously look for other prolapses that might be occurring. If multiple conditions are taking place, we can set up a strategy that will address them all and fix the cause. We feel that you should be confident in the treatment you choose so we provide transparent details to each patient on treatment procedures.

The doctors at Las Palmas take serious their responsibility towards each patient. Although your procedure and recovery are important, we equally make efforts to respect your dignity.