Rectocele (Rectum prolapse)

In cases of rectocele, the lower or “floor” muscles, connecting tissues, and pelvic ligaments have lost the elasticity needed to maintain the normal placement of the rectum. It is notable that in rectoceles (and enteroceles) the supportive tissues and muscles lining the bowel wall are not defective. Rectoceles, in nearly all occasions, results from a posterior vaginal wall herniation. Las Palmas helps patients with rectoceles and other prolapses on a regular basis and has extensive knowledge, techniques, and strategies to treat the disorder.


Women suffering from rectoceles usually experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A soft knot, lump, or bulge in vagina
  • Defecation difficulties/straining accompanied with rectal pain
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse)

Las Palmas Diagnosis and Treatment

In effort to verify and access the extent of a patient’s rectocele, we use a special x-ray (defecography). This technique is very comprehensive and enables us to positively ascertain three things:

  1. That the rectocele exists
  2. The rectoceles’s exact size
  3. It’s degree in which the rectum is able to empty

After the diagnosis, your OB/GYN will explain the best treatment options that are congruent with your lifestyle and desires.
Treatment for rectocele usual involves medication, minimally invasive surgery, self-care/re-education (Kegel exercises, learning less straining defecation methods), or hormone replacement therapy. Care is taken to ensure that all of Las Palmas treatments are as comfortable as possible and performed with dignity.

Our staff is trained in the most effective and patient-friendly techniques. We look forward to helping you regain the functionality you had before the rectocele prolapse.
All of Las Palmas patients are scheduled for follow-ups in an effort to verify proper recovery or that the recommended treatment is on-schedule. We take seriously our responsibility towards each patient and it is our desire to uphold the highest medical standards.