Megan T Miller

Excellent Support from Dr. Garza & His Team. Thoughtful, Conscientious & Warm staff. They are what any new mother would want during this important time- they are passionate about their patients! Thank You RM Obgyn! :-)

Pat Galvez

Dr. Bodon, You are the absolutely most amazing doctor - and woman - I've ever met! If only someone would take a snapshot of your beautiful face when you are listening to a patient you are treating. Your eyes melt with compassion and understanding. The most important thing any doctor can do is LISTEN to the patient - and you do that. Then, and only then, can a doctor actually use his or her skills to properly treat the patient. You helped me so much when I was in dire need of medical care. Thank you so much! My personal wish is that other doctors would learn from you how to effectively care for their patients. You are truly a jewel of the earth. I feel blessed to have met you.

Karen Sachar

Omgosh I dont know where to start with my praise of Dr. Lisa Bodon !!! No baby but a hysterectomy !! Dr Bodon gave me all the info i needed or asked for and fought with my insurance company to get approval ! I love her directness and honesty ! I can only tell you id wished id done it sooner. Also Alice is so on top of things and keeps you updated on everything. I love them and wish more Dr Bodons were out there ! Thank You again Karen S.

Desiree H.

After 10 years since our last baby, we decided to have our 3rd and last baby. Dr. Bodon was amazing best experience ever. She was extremely attentive and receptive. We couldn't have asked for a better experience from pre-natal visits to post-partum 6 week checkup to contraceptives she is the best doctor with such an amazing personality. We were recommended Dr.Bodon and we would do the same and highly recommend her to any family or friend looking for a great doctor.

Jo B

I am so grateful to you. You have helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. I didn't think it was possible to actually love your doctor. You are positive and encouraging. I believe this is rare to see these qualities today in people, much less a physician. You are truly an amazing doctor. You are my hero!!

Nichole B

I wanted to thank you so very much for listening to my concerns and giving me options. thanks for the awesome and loving "bedside manor" you gave to me and all of your patients. Thank you for being our pain and treatment advocate to the hospital staff. Thank you for being available while you were expecting another baby girl. I feel you are a blessing in my life and I'm so thankful for you. God gave you a calling and you fulfill it so well. I pray for you and your family and your well being with the delivery of your baby. Your comforting smile goes a long way for your patients.

God Bless You Dr. Bodon!

Danielle M

Thank you so much for your care. You always make me feel reassured and so very well taken care of. You truly have allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy.

Lynette W

Thank you for doing such a great job on the hysterectomy back in December. It is a HUGE relief not having to worry about the excessive and, often inconvenient, bleeding. I'm glad I found you and am grateful for your skills and compassion.

Thank you for seeing my daughter, Elle. I think she feels very comfortable with you. Hopefully she can find someone like you if she ends up in New York. It's a wonderful feeling to know your child (no matter how old they are!) is in good hands.