Routine Pregnancy Care

There is nothing routine about pregnancy. Every pregnancy is a unique time for mother and child. Hence, we take special consideration of that during your parental visits. We are with you every step of the way. Each appointment with you will focus on tracking the health and development of your child as well as your overall wellness. Our staff understands that pregnancy can take its toll on you so we make ourselves easily available. If you are confronted with an urgent matter you, contact us immediately. Las Palmas OBGYN is always ready to assist you in times of need.

Step 1: Your Obstetrical History

After we make definite confirmation of your pregnancy, we will schedule you for an obstetrical history. Before your appointment we’ll forward necessary paperwork to you which will streamline the visit and help your OBGYN to identify special concerns of your pregnancy. During the phone history you can expect to:

  • Share with us any health or genetic tendencies you face and those of your family, the child’s father and his family
  • Review, learn, and receive specific information concerning prenatal screenings, pregnancy, and various resources at your disposal
  • Setup for required blood testing

Step 2: Your Obstetrical Physical

The next visit will be your obstetrical physical. During this appointment we will give you an exam that closely mimics to your annual gynecological visit. The main exams include:

  • A glucose and protein test (checked via urine)
  • Verification of the gestational age of your baby (via ultrasound and pelvic exam)
  • Audio check for fetus heart beat

Step 3: Your Regular Prenatal Checkups

Once your physical is completed, you will begin a regular series of scheduled visits which will track the health of your baby and your wellness. The following is the normal schedule for pregnancy checkups:

  • Weeks 8-35: Monthly visit
  • Weeks: 35-Delivery: Weekly visits
It may be necessary to make more frequent visits throughout your pregnancy, depending on high risk issues.