Cone Biopsy

Cone biopsies may be recommended by your physician if you have an abnormal pap smear showing a high grade cervical lesion. The procedure is done as an outpatient surgery at either Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs or Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage.

When abnormal tissue is found in the cervix, cone biopsies are utilized to remove these tissues. The procedure removes a cone-shaped wedge of abnormal cervical cells to ensure that no abnormal tissue remains. In most cases, the tissue that grows back is normal and no further treatment is necessary. Unhealthy tissue is sent to a lab for examination.

What to Expect

A cone biopsy begins with the patient lying on their back on an examination table. With their feet in stirrups, a lubricated speculum is inserted into the vagina to spread its walls for the cone biopsy. Due to the evasiveness of the procedure, your doctor may recommend general anesthesia. It is best to have someone drive the patient home after procedure, since generally they are too sleepy to drive safely. Additionally, patients may be asked to follow dietary restrictions several hours before the procedure. The doctor handling the procedure will remove the problematic tissue from the cervix.

After Surgery

Recovery from cone biopsy usually requires a day or two depending on the amount of tissue removed. After the procedure patient will recover in the postoperative area where they are closely monitored by a nurse. The vast majority of patients are able to leave after a few hours. Because the cervix requires 4 to 6 weeks to grow new tissue, most patients experience vaginal spotting or discharge for nearly 3 weeks.
We always follow up with patients after cone biopsy in effort to check on their well-being. The OB/GYN will also report laboratory findings when the results of the cone biopsy become available.