Essure Sterilization

If you are seeking permanent sterilization technique that does not require any incisions, then the Essure method may be what you are looking for. Essure is hormone-free, worry free birth control. It is thin flexible tube, that is placed in each fallopian tube. The devices stimulate tissue in the fallopian tubes to growth that provides a natural blockage to sperm before they reach the egg. The Essure inserts are made from trusted material used in many medical devices.

What to Expect

Essure sterilization is a Las Palmas in-office or can be an outpatient procedure. We may use a local anesthesia to numb your cervix. Additional medications may be used to help you relax. Very minimal pain is reported in most cases, both during the quick process or after.

Is Essure Covered by my Insurance?

When the Essure procedure is performed in our Rancho Mirage or Palm Springs office most insurance providers cost may be as low as a co-pay, depending on your health insurance plan.

Rapid Recovery

Recovery from Essure sterilization is generally significantly faster than conventional sterilization procedures. Most patients will return to normal activity the same day of the procedure. However, the effects procedure are not fully accomplished until months later. Normally, 3 months after the operation your Las Palmas OB/GYN will schedule an appointment with you so that an x-ray can be given. Your doctor will verify whether the fallopian tubes have been completely blocked by the Essuresterilization. Until this is confirmed, it is recommended that the patient use an alternative form of birth control. Las Palmas keeps in stride with the 99.8 percentage of Essure sterilization effective rating. We take care to ensure that the procedure is permanent and that the patient heals accordingly. Las Palmas recommends that every patient considering sterilization understand the permanence of the procedure.