Birth Control

Making a choice about birth control is a life changing event. Modern birth control has advanced tremendously and offers women an assortment of versatile options. These birth control methods are allowing women and men to have better control of if and when they become parents. Las Palmas OB/GYNs are experienced in administering several types of birth control. We can help you to determine a method of birth control that is suitable to your lifestyle and goals.
It is important to understand that each type of birth control has advantages and disadvantages. There are a number of factors that we consider before recommending a birth control type.

The following variables effect each patient’s choiceof their birth control options:

  • General health
  • Frequency of sexual activity
  • Desire for children in the future
  • Possible side effects
  • Comfort with using the method
Some methods can be combined to increase effectiveness and to aid in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Two highly effective birth control measures that Las Palmas generally recommends are Intrauterine (IUD) and skin patch

b1Intrauterine Device (IUD)

Las Palmas uses IUDs (small T-shaped devices) that release hormones that serve as contraceptives. IUDs are the most popular reversible contraceptives in the world. We specialize in the IUDs Mirena, Skyla and Paragard.


One of the IUDs that we recommend to patients is Mirena. Our OB/GYNs have found that Mirena is a very effective birth control for women with busy lifestyles. The small, flexible device is easily inserted during an in-office visit at either of our Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage offices. As a FDA-approved IUD, Mirena is best suited for women who previously given birth.

Benefits of Mirena

Patients using Mirena will enjoy a variety of benefits. With Mirena there is no need to remember daily or weekly routines to avoid pregnancy. This IUD can last up to 5 years, making it very convenient to use. Side effects are minimized because the device releases small levels of progestin instead of estrogen.

b3Progestin helps to prevent pregnancy by:

  • Thickening cervical mucus which blocks sperm from the uterus
  • Thins out the uterus’s lining
  • Blocks sperm from fertilizing eggs

The effectiveness of Mirena is over 99%. Additionally, the device can be removed making it a reversible form of contraception. Mirena also has the added benefit of bringing relief to women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB). The FDA approves Mirena HMB treatment and it is effective I reducing menstrual bleed by as much as 90%.
Our doctors are experts at administering Mirena treatments for birth control and HMB treatment. We will perform comprehensive testing to ensure that Mirena is a healthy option for you. It must be recognized that Mirena does not protect users against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We understand that parenthood is a life changing event. Although you may not desire children presently, you may change your mind in the future. Las Palmas takes pride in assisting you to have a flexible lifestyle without worry. We will always present each patient with the healthiest options for their body.


Women desiring to avoid pregnancy without needing to bother with daily or weekly pills, can do so with Skyla. At Las Palmas, we have aided countless women with birth control using Skyla. This FDA-approved intrauterine device (IUD) releases progestin locally to the uterus. Therefore, most of the release is concentrated to the uterus instead of being release throughout the body (as with taking pills). Skyla is easily inserted during an in-office visit to one of our offices (Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage).

How Skyla Works?

Skyla effects the uterus in several ways to inhibit pregnancy. Skyla impedes sperms’ movement, thins out the uterine lining, and actively decreases sperm survival rate. When combined, these pregnancy inhibitors result in a 99% effect treatment.

Because Skyla is extremely small and implanted in the uterus, users:

  • Will not feel it during normal activities (or during sex)
  • Can still use tampons normally

After Skyla is placed, your OB/GYN will schedule a follow up appointment to ensure that it is inserted and performing correctly. You may be furnished with a back-up birth control before the checkup to avoid pregnancy. If at any time you desire to get pregnant, Skyla can be removed during a scheduled office visit. Many women are effectively using Skyla to prevent and plan pregnancy.

What is Skyla’s Difference from Mirena?

Skyla releases lower dosages of progestin to prevent pregnancy. Although it enjoys a 99% effectiveness rating, Skyla lasts up to three years (instead of Mirena’s 5 year length). Also, the Skyla device is even smaller than Mirena.


Paragard® is a form of birth control known as an intrauterine device (IUD). It’s sometimes called an intrauterine contraceptive (IUC). Paragard® is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy and has no hormones at all.

Paragard® is a small, soft, and flexible T-shaped device made primarily of plastic and copper that your healthcare provider places in your uterus at an office visit. Once it’s inserted, all you need to do is a simple monthly string check. Otherwise, you shouldn’t feel it at all and neither should your partner.

b2Etonogestrel Implant

Another birth control that does not require a daily is an etonogestrel implant. This implant is a very small (4 centimeters long) rod that releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. The small rod is inserted into the arm. We recommend the Nexplanon insert due to its overwhelming effectiveness.
We understand that birth control is an important facet of our patient’s lives. Las Palmas will always respect your decision and will uphold your dignity. Our main concern focuses on the health of every patient regardless of the type of birth control they choose.


Every women’s body and health is different. Therefore, at Las Palmas we offer a variety of birth control methods that offer women a great amount flexibility. One such option is Nexplanon. This contraceptive is an excellent alternative for women who desire to avoid the hassle associated with other birth control methods. Las Palmas OB/GYNs can insert the small Nexplanon implant in the arm quickly during an in-office visit.

How does Nexplanon Work?

Nexplanon uses a synthetic progestin called etonogestrel that hinders pregnancy. Etonogestral changes the cervical mucus and lining in the uterus making it much more difficult for sperm to fertilize the egg. Additionally, Nexplanon halts ovulation.

Benefits of Nexplanonb4

  • Nexplanon has a 99% effective rate and is approved by the FDA
  • Contraception last for 3 years before replacement is required
  • Once inserted Nexplanon does not need to be checked
  • Women who have reactions to oestrogen can use Nexplanon
  • Implant is not nullified by antibiotics
  • Implant is reversible, simply remove to restore fertility
  • Menstrual pain is significantly reduced

An in-office procedure involving Nexplanon, is always proceeded by a comprehensive health screen. Certain women will not be able to use Nexplanon especially those who are pregnant, currently have breast cancer, have hereditary blood conditions, and undiagnosed vaginal bleeding. Our OB/GYNs will speak with you about your current health risks and your compatibility with Nexplanon.
Nexplanon must be removed by a trained professional. If you desire to have it removed or if it is time to replace the implant, schedule an appointment at one of our offices. While we understand that each patient’s desire for birth control, our primary concern is one’s overall health. Las Palmas firmly respects each patient’s confidentiality and dignity.
Las Palmas recommends Skyla only if the patient passes a comprehensive health screen. While we understand that each patient’s desire for birth control, our primary concern is one’s overall health. Las Palmas firmly respects each patient’s confidentiality and dignity.