Single-site hysterectomy

Today women have a multitude of options when it becomes necessary for them to undergo hysterectomy surgical procedures. Las Palmas takes pride in offer our patients some of the most advanced surgical techniques in the world. One such technique is single-site hysterectomy via our da Vinci Surgical System. This procedure leave nearly no scars, minimizes pain, significantly reduces blood loss, improves recovery time and results in a short hospital stay (usually 24 hours). Las Palmas single-site hysterectomies are typically performed in 1-2 hours. In contrast to other procedures, single-site hysterectomies enable surgeons to perform the full operation at a very small point of entry found in the belly button. Most patients will have no visible physical indications of ever having a hysterectomy.


What to Expect

As with a conventional hysterectomy surgery, the surgeon will prepare the patient for the procedure. When the surgery occurs, the operating surgeon will sit at the da Vinci Surgical System console where a 3-D view of the patient’s anatomy is present in high-definition. The surgeon can manipulate tiny mechanical surgical arms and a miniscule camera. The system will copy the exact movements of the surgeon’s hands in real time throughout the surgery.

After Surgery

After a single-site hysterectomy, patients can expect a fast recover rate. Patients may go home in a few hours or may opt to stay overnight in the hospital and go home the following day. Even after the patient returns home, we will continue help our patients to recuperate. A post-surgical follow up is scheduled to ensure the healing process is going well.
We understand that although a hysterectomy may be necessary, it is a very emotionally challenging event. We will always be by your side to help you to recover from the surgery and are willing to walk you through every process. Las Palmas cares about not only your physical health but your emotional well-being as well.